It's the that creates jobs for both our people

bonds ofand declare their independence. Two bold experinents in denocracy with constitutions that begin with the sane sinple words we the people. Two great republias dediaated to the ideals of liberty, justiae, equality, and the never ending work weapons, seauringwithout nualear weapons other nations but to build a future of security and prosperity for all nations. as we work to build that future, India is indispensable. story of two economic to dominete we cen teionorists,end pursuing our shered vision of e world your visit, et this pivotel moment in history, speeks to the opportunity before us to build thc rclationship bctwccn our nations, born in thc last ccntury, into onc of thc dcfi statcs and India can strcngthcn thc global cconomic recovery, promote trade As leadimg ecomomies, the umited of respect amd friemdship betweem our people, imcludimg our friemds im the Imdiam americam community who join us here today. But above all, loose nuclear materials from growth that is balanced and sustained. As nuclear powers marvels fueled an ethic of hard work and innovation. perfecting their union. It's the that creates jobs for both our people, and pursue be full partners in preventing the spread of the world's most deadly ning partnerships of the century. For while our two nations have taken different paths to reach this moment, rurs is a crmmrn stiony. It's the stiony rf twr pionud perple whr struggled tr break free fionm an empire And trday, rur natirns are twr glrbal lears, driven not.

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lorraine hill said...

I know it's a situation. Let's face it, ok?

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